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  • 10/09/16--15:02: VSAN issue
  • I am trying to get this going.  I have a cluster right now with 1 host.  I know you need 3 but I am just testing  I have 1 -  2TB HDD that I converted to Flash (via web client) and 1 - 7.9TB HDD.  If I turn on VSAN  and set add disks to storage as Manual  In Disk Management - claim disks shouldn't I see the host as eligible to those 2 disks? 

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    Not sure if this can be achieved via REST API.

    You have deployed using DHCP and let say you managed to manually change the IP address of the GI VMs

    if something goes wrong to the GI VMs (e.g. accidentally deleted, orphaned, etc) it will be automatically redeployed using the previous settings which is DHCP

    and if you need to add new ESXi hosts, the new hosts will use DHCP too.


    So I would redeploy the GI VMs and use new settings with IP pool on the desired IP address range

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    Thanks very much.


    That is the right reply.


    I had REINSTALLED Vmware Tools before posting the question but that was not sufficient ...

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    When are VMware going to release a fix for this issue. Very poor on VMware!! And why have they moved to a client install to appliances such as vCenter. It used to be so easy but now they have overcomplicated the situation!!

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    firstly this is similar to Kernel 4.2 Breaks vmnet.. (again..)


    So let's take a look at the situation which will happen over and over

    for anyone on a production Linux config which is not based on latest

    kernel 4.x or even kernel 3.x.  Yes this means all those Red Hat

    Enterprise Linux people and there is a lot of them.


    After a nice successful install ( in my case upgrade from 12.0.x ) you

    will be told that all went well. Don't believe it. It just isn't true.


    # /etc/rc.d/init.d/vmware start

    Starting VMware services:

       Virtual machine monitor                                 [  OK  ]

       Virtual machine communication interface                 [  OK  ]

       VM communication interface socket family                [  OK  ]

       Blocking file system                                    [  OK  ]

       Virtual ethernet                                        [FAILED]

       VMware Authentication Daemon                            [  OK  ]



    That is the vmnet kernel module broken as usual because of some

    hack changes in vmnetInt.h which may require that compat_sk_alloc

    be redefined as sk_alloc with four or more parameters. It is all

    very shady and the sources are clear here in vmnet-only/compat_version.h.

    The problems are in vmnetInt.h which wrongly applies too many parameters to sk_alloc

    which we can see in /usr/src/kernels/`uname -r`/include/net/sock.h thus :


    RHEL# cat -n /usr/src/kernels/`uname -r`/include/net/sock.h | head -1132 | tail -3

      1130  extern struct sock              *sk_alloc(struct net *net, int family,

      1131                                            gfp_t priority,

      1132                                            struct proto *prot);



    Now see the VMware vmnet kernel module sources for vmnetInt.h :

    RHEL# cat -n vmnetInt.h | head -89 | tail

        80  #if LINUX_VERSION_CODE >= KERNEL_VERSION(4, 2, 0)

        81  #   define compat_sk_alloc(_bri, _pri) sk_alloc(&init_net, \

        82                                                  PF_NETLINK, _pri, &vmnet_proto, 1)

        83  #elif defined(VMW_NETDEV_HAS_NET)

        84  #   define compat_sk_alloc(_bri, _pri) sk_alloc(&init_net, \

        85                                                  PF_NETLINK, _pri, &vmnet_proto)

        86  #else

        87  #   define compat_sk_alloc(_bri, _pri) sk_alloc(PF_NETLINK, _pri, &vmnet_proto, 1)

        88  #endif



    See we have a conditional define there based onVMW_NETDEV_HAS_NET and also on

    the version of the kernel. Well this is good ol Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    so you can forget a version greater than 4.2.0 entirely. Nope we are

    dealing with sk_alloc() as defined in /include/net/sock.h with four

    parameters. No need for the trailing 1 there.  One may edit vmnetInt.h

    and then set all versions of sk_alloc to a four parameter call and

    the process still fails.


    Every attempt to rebuild vmnet.ko fails and for reasons that are just

    baffling the contents of vmnet.tar keeps getting extracted and then

    recompiled when one runs :

    RHEL# /usr/bin/vmware-modconfig --console --install-all


    That puts out lots of messages but ultimately there is no vmnet.ko

    produced and the one that gets created and installed during a "successful"

    install of VMWare Workstation Pro 12.5 is quite useless.


    Whats the magic here ?

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    Hi Mikemayors,


    Yes if I had waited a day, the problem probably would have resolved itself.

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    Hi there,


    Unfortunately not. There is no way to reduce the size of a VMDK once you have allocated the space or not officially anyway.


    Not that I'm advocating this or even suggesting you give it a try but there is a way using the linux dd command. See the answer from Continuum in this post if you want to give this a try: Help with VM HDD resizing


    I'm assuming from the drive numbers that the disk wrongly expanded was the data drive. In this case then you could add a new disk at the correct size and then just move the data, switch the drive letters and remove the original when finished. Another option is to use VMware Converter to make a resized copy. A lot of this depends on space that you might have in the environment to do this. Before doing any of this I would definitely make sure you have a known restore-able backup!!


    Kind regards.

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    I got a vm, that got migrated from vcenter B from vcentre A using the same universal vxlan wire. after the migration its unable to ping a vm on vcenter A.


    prioro to the migration, the vm was able to ping it. both vms are on the wame univeral vxlan wire. and both can ping the Universal DLR gw


    any idea?

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    Hi Oleg,


    So looking into this a bit more, the example that you have shown is unique to the snapshot on a per VM basis. This won't work finding the dates of snapshots for all VMs.


    From all my reading and playing around, there is no way to get the snapshot date on all VMs using a single metric.


    I am now using is RVtools to get the snapshot data from all VMs which is very easy and works well.


    Thank you all for your replies.

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    An extension to this question, is there a way for system emails to append [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED] to the subject header?


    Because with out this it means we are missing all system generated emails.


    System generated emails include (VMware vRealize Log Insight 3.0 Documentation Center)

    * Oldest Data Will Be Unsearchable Soon

    * Repository Retention Time

    * Dropped Events

    * Corrupt Index Buckets

    * Out Of Disk

    * Archive Space Will Be Full

    * Archive Failure

    * Total Disk Space Change

    * Pending Archivings

    * License is about to be expired

    * License is expired

    * Unable to connect to AD server

    * Cannot take over High Availability IP address [IP Address] as it is already held by another machine

    * High Availability IP address [IP Address] is unavailable due to too many node failures

    * Too many migrations of High Availability IP address [IP Address] between Log Insight nodes


    We are running log insight version 3.3.2

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  • 10/09/16--18:05: Host Swapped Used
  • Hi Guys,


    We have 1 host which appears to be Swapping and I would like request for your advice on the possible cause why this is happening.


    What I have checked so far is from all the VMs running under our Host; there are 2 VMs which did some swapping but I also notice 0 Ballooning.

    Base form my understanding. The host will try to swapped space as a last resort after it did some of its Memory reclamation  techniques.

    Is it possible to not do memory ballooning and go straight to swapping?


    Hope you can advice.


    ESX Host:




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    How to display all the Tabs of vCenter server appliance 6 in vsphere web client? it works well with vSphere client, but I am missing Administration and management TABs in web client. see attached file.


    vmware blog.png

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    Hi pt__,


    Would you please install the 'Boot Camp Support Software' from Apple and try it again?




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    Hi bradannely


    Did you mean you add the network sharing via Fusion Settings->Sharing?

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  • 10/09/16--20:25: Re: EVC level.
  • But, you can always "simulate" a migration and the migration wizard will tell you if is possible or not.

    I could not test a migration because this vmhost was in the separate building and in the different network at that time. Also it was necessary to upgrade it to 5.5 (or 5.1) to have the ability to change host and datastore simultaneously, so I just wanted to know if the current EVC level OK for my purposes before I made all the preparation.

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    Hi bagurdes ,


    What version of USB Compatibility is set to your Windows 10 VM? USB 3.0 or 2.0?  You can check it from 'Virtual Machine-->Settings-->USB&Bluetooth-->Advanced USB option'.

    Would you please try the different  USB Compatibility version to see if it helps?


    Also, would you please upload the 'vmware-vmfusion.log' to this post when you hit the problem again next time? you can find the file from '~/Library/Logs/VMware Fusion'.




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    I used a vm on VirtualBox as "VM (on Home server)".


    - network

    [A]Windows 10(physical machine) -> [B]ubuntu(virtual machine on VMware on [A], net: NAT) -> [C]ubuntu(virtual machine on VirtualBox on [D], net: bridge) -> [D]Windows 10(physical machine)

    - How to

    1. [B] -> [C]: SSH tunnel(I used "ssh" command)

    2. [A] -> [B] -> [C] -> [D]: RDP("mstsc" on [A] to [B](connected to [D] automatically))

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    Is there a threat model, or is this a fun or academic exercise?


    If your goal is just to run the most secure possible windows workstation, then you might as well go all the way,

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    This known issue and has been fixed in v4h 6.4 which is expected to out Q4 2016.

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    Befor I install VMware Workstation Pro 12 on ubuntu 16.04 with kernel 4.4.0-38 generic, vmware does not work.


    I I try to fixe the problem with script provide by your staf, but it's for another version of vmware.

    Can anyone help me to modify the script for Pro 12 version?


    Thank you

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